Tackling Fall Fiercely

Here’s my very first outfit post (sort of). Autumn has swiftly and officially entered the midwest. Although there has been plenty of sunshine (which is great!), the frost and chill has settled itself in comfortably. Here’s a simple way to gear up for the cold with a kick of color and print. I say that because you’ll soon learn that when it gets cold I usually opt for monochromatic colors/tones/shades of black. For this look I had my partner take the photos.


Stay comfortable in a pair of distressed jeggings/demin that fit right and a sweater on top to keep warm. This is one of my favorite sweaters to wear. The tiger screen print on the arms is a great detail and it’s super eye-catching contrasted against the black. Tigers are nice, autumn really isn’t their kind of weather though. (To be honest, this was an outfit I wore last week when things began to get chilly and I didn’t really need a jacket.)  Throw on a beanie too, just to keep your head warm as an extra step to insulate your body. It wasn’t freezing so I opted out of socks and went with casual slip ons for comfort and ease.




To round out the look I added a few cocktail rings. It was really just an excuse to try out my new jewelry bits. Plus, nail polish for some added contrasting color.

I can’t remember if I wore makeup. Regardless, yay for dark bushy brows.

Beanie (Aerie) / Sweater (H&M) / Jeggings (Express)
Kicks (JCP) / Rings (f21) / Polish (ciate)

Stay fab fam,


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