Classic chic

Happy Indigenous People’s Day, everyone! Also, Happy 2+ years to myself and my lovely beau!

Last week, I released a sneak peek at the photo set taken by the gracious Pa Lee from Pa Lee Photography. Today, I’ll share the rest of the photos with everyone since the weather seems to be warming up a tad again.

For this outfit, I wanted to do something fairly dressed up but also casual enough to wear during the day. I think this would be a great outfit for transitioning between night and day. I paired a light fitted chambray button up/down shirt with a black pleated 50’s style skirt. My transition piece of choice were my shoes. During the day I wore a pair of Dolce Vita black strap sandals (not pictured) and as you can see in the photos, I opted for the striped stiletto pumps for my night time piece.  It was a fairly hot day so I rolled up my sleeves for a more relaxed look and a more comfortable outfit. Not to overuse the overly simplistic title for today’s post but, all the pieces I chose are fairly timeless (classic) and versatile.



I didn’t wear any jewelry, more so because I forgot to put them on in the morning, but I would have gone with simple accessorizing such as rings and earring studs.





Chambray (H&M) / Skirt (Thrifted) / Shoes (JCP)

Many thanks to the wonderful Pa Lee for photographing me and this outfit. She always works hard so make sure to give her page some traffic and likes.

Thanks for stopping by!~

Stay fab,


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