A few months ago my friend Pa Chia and I planned a photo shoot. As people may have guessed by now, I’m very much an improviser and don’t make very solid ‘plans’. So, I left wardrobe and styling to Pa Chia and decided to play around with lighting and my camera. Surprisingly, results were satisfactory. Make sure to notice the amazing highlight courtesy of our makeup artist Jackie.


Thanks to Jackie for Hair and Makeup, she did a phenomenal job on Larisa. Tons of props to Larisa for attempting all the strange poses and facial expressions I asked of her. Side note, the dress below looks great on me too and I’m significantly shorter than Larisa, plus it was only $9.


Larisa is fantastic and very easy to work with. She’s an aspiring model so reach out to her at her IG handle @risanuggs


Pa Chia has been mentioned on my blog before but reach out to her for styling inquiries on IG @itspachia or her blog Petite in Heels.


Thanks a ton to Pa Chia’s big sis, Chue, for allowing us to utilize her house as our studio for the day and also for feeding us pizza & breakfast. The yellow chair belongs to Chue as well, not to mention, her house and home decor are magazine worthy. 🙂


As always, thanks for stopping by and my apologies for the delay. I’ve been undergoing some transitions in life but have more projects in store! Last but not least, thanks a ton to InProgress for lighting and backdrops.

Stay fab,

*All images are the property of Mai (2017).


Moody Sweater Weather


As always, I’ve come back to share more content. I’ve been waiting to post these up but it took awhile cause I waited for all the images to crop up over at PetiteInHeels first. Pa Chia is definitely getting the hang of modeling! I’m a bit jealous cause my pose game has been WEAK!


Anyhow, here’s the set of moody images I created for Pa Chia and her blog. It was really fun shooting and editing this set. I wanted to try something new and well, I’m getting way better at editing!


I wanted each outfit set to have a different mood so it was a good experiment with colors and skin tones. Pa Chia has got a great warm skin tone and has great skin too!


Thanks for stopping by the blog to view these! Make sure to check out her blog in which she breaks down how to style one item 3 different ways! The set below is one of my favorites.


Stay fabulous, M.

*All images are the property of Mai Tong Yang (2016).


Urban Jungle

After a long break, I’m back with this set of Elizabeth. I met Elizabeth randomly but I must say, I found a gem. She’s a real natural and rocked the short session we had. Going in, we both had very different ideas for her outfit but regardless, it looked great. I had a lot of fun with Liz and would definitely ask her to come back for another session. Let us know what you think!



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Fall in Love


I’ve been pretty absent recently in regards to a multitude of things in my daily life. I’ve gotten so caught up in myself and doing the things I love that I forgot to do a number of important things that I don’t love a lot! Just like that run on sentence I just wrote, Life has been rushing on by me. I’m trying to keep up with a number of things but needed to pop back in here and show what I’ve been up to! At least in the realm of photography.

Last month I offered a number of FREE photography sessions so that I could practice ma skillz…and well I actually got a good number of responses. 1 fell through but it didn’t really matter since I didn’t realize how much work I was getting myself into. Regardless, feast your eyes on these lovely couples!

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