Phenomenal Womyn

And we’re back! This post is rather overdue but, for good reason. This whole shoot was rather experimental but was an amazing experience. When people say you need to connect with the model, they aren’t kidding around. I was so lucky to have these two strong womyn as my models for this session. We had laughs, some serious talk, lots of hugs, and most of all, excitement.

This past Saturday, January 21st was day of national and international Women’s Marches. I was able to attend the local MN march but in essence, more than the real physical act of marching, it made me think of all the amazing women I already have in my life.

First we have Melysia. Melysia is incredible. If the first thing you notice isn’t her amazing face structure and eyebrows, then maybe I need to improve my editing skills. Aside from her fantastic face, Melysia is absolutely striking in presence and form. This first set of Melysia is my favorite.


Melysia is a natural. Of course, from the moment I met her, I knew she was phenomenal. It’s been a little over a year since we have met but man, she’s someone I immediately connected with. She’s incredibly independent, strong, and intelligent. She’s also a very stylish minimalist, which I love and admire.


Melysia is younger than me but wow, so much wiser than I was at her age. I’m envious!


& here, we introduce Mindy. Mindy and Melysia are very good friends. They were actually friends before I met either one of them, which is so wonderful. They are so blessed to have each other and have an inspirational friendship.


I met Mindy a little after Melysia but befriended her around the same time. Mindy has a very beautiful soul. She’s one of the sweetest and kindest womyn i’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. I’m fortunate to have her friendship. Additionally, she also has eyebrows to admire.


Mindy simply radiates warmth. She has a killer smile (sorry I didn’t as her to smile for the shoot). There’s a softness to her presence that is so alluring.


This last set of Mindy is my favorite of her. She was great!


If you have amazing womyn around you, thank them, spend time with them, build on those relationships. I have work to do with these two since they are newer in my life, but, I’m so appreciative of their friendship and the love they have shown me. Support the womyn (&men) in your life. Stay strong & soft, everyone.

Thanks for spending time here!



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Moody Sweater Weather


As always, I’ve come back to share more content. I’ve been waiting to post these up but it took awhile cause I waited for all the images to crop up over at PetiteInHeels first. Pa Chia is definitely getting the hang of modeling! I’m a bit jealous cause my pose game has been WEAK!


Anyhow, here’s the set of moody images I created for Pa Chia and her blog. It was really fun shooting and editing this set. I wanted to try something new and well, I’m getting way better at editing!


I wanted each outfit set to have a different mood so it was a good experiment with colors and skin tones. Pa Chia has got a great warm skin tone and has great skin too!


Thanks for stopping by the blog to view these! Make sure to check out her blog in which she breaks down how to style one item 3 different ways! The set below is one of my favorites.


Stay fabulous, M.

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Fresh Traditions Fashion Show 9


So, it’s been about 3 months since this show happened but since I was so busy doing other things, I actually had zero time to enjoy FT9. Here are some runway shots of the collection that my sister Bao (NPAUJ Designs) for FT9. Photos credited to photographer Tou Lia Her. (Lighting wasn’t the best in the venue for our makeup but here you go.)

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