Moody Sweater Weather


As always, I’ve come back to share more content. I’ve been waiting to post these up but it took awhile cause I waited for all the images to crop up over at PetiteInHeels first. Pa Chia is definitely getting the hang of modeling! I’m a bit jealous cause my pose game has been WEAK!


Anyhow, here’s the set of moody images I created for Pa Chia and her blog. It was really fun shooting and editing this set. I wanted to try something new and well, I’m getting way better at editing!


I wanted each outfit set to have a different mood so it was a good experiment with colors and skin tones. Pa Chia has got a great warm skin tone and has great skin too!


Thanks for stopping by the blog to view these! Make sure to check out her blog in which she breaks down how to style one item 3 different ways! The set below is one of my favorites.


Stay fabulous, M.

*All images are the property of Mai Tong Yang (2016).



Classic chic

Happy Indigenous People’s Day, everyone! Also, Happy 2+ years to myself and my lovely beau!

Last week, I released a sneak peek at the photo set taken by the gracious Pa Lee from Pa Lee Photography. Today, I’ll share the rest of the photos with everyone since the weather seems to be warming up a tad again.

For this outfit, I wanted to do something fairly dressed up but also casual enough to wear during the day. I think this would be a great outfit for transitioning between night and day. I paired a light fitted chambray button up/down shirt with a black pleated 50’s style skirt. My transition piece of choice were my shoes. During the day I wore a pair of Dolce Vita black strap sandals (not pictured) and as you can see in the photos, I opted for the striped stiletto pumps for my night time piece. ┬áIt was a fairly hot day so I rolled up my sleeves for a more relaxed look and a more comfortable outfit. Not to overuse the overly simplistic title for today’s post but, all the pieces I chose are fairly timeless (classic) and versatile.

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Tackling Fall Fiercely

Here’s my very first outfit post (sort of). Autumn has swiftly and officially entered the midwest. Although there has been plenty of sunshine (which is great!), the frost and chill has settled itself in comfortably. Here’s a simple way to gear up for the cold with a kick of color and print. I say that because you’ll soon learn that when it gets cold I usually opt for monochromatic colors/tones/shades of black. For this look I had my partner take the photos.

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